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The Western States have entered an age of wonders. Technological innovations transform the lives of her people. Automobiles connect vast distances over glistening highways. Radio waves carry new voices, thoughts, and art to ears around the nation. Neon lights hold back the night on the shoulders of massive dams. And the train—ceaseless, thundering, unrelenting—powers it all; pumping food, material, and people through the veins of this great extractive beast.

But these new wonders have not brought blessings to everyone. With the Federal Government in the pocket of powerful Robber Barons and Vampires; the poor, and the land itself, are dispossessed and exploited. In The Western States, many stow away on the freight trains in search of paying work.

And then there are the monsters.

Werewolves prowl the Northern Prairie. Big Foots leave the woods in greater numbers. The dirt itself seems to have risen up in the Dust Bowl of the Southern Prairie. Vampires haunt the elegant mansions of Acadia, ruthlessly running their railroad lines.

The Federal Government has effectively abandoned its people. The wealthy can afford protection, but most communities are struggling to cope. This is where you come in.

You are an adventurer, a laborer, a wanderer, and a monster hunter. As a member of the International Brotherhood of Itinerant Sellswords (IBIS), you travel the rails of The Western States, selling your skills to whatever Neighborhood, Town Council, Grange Hall, or whoever will pay you for your next meal. You are a knight of the rails.

It’s a dangerous, precarious life, and probably not one you had planned to enter, but the people need your help. And righteousness is its own reward. Right? 


The Knights of the Road is a tiny hack of Into the Odd/Electric Bastionland by Chris McDowell (www.bastionland.com). Players assume the mantle of monster hunters who hop the rails of a dystopian early 20th century, taking contracts to kill creeps and monsters, all the while avoiding the wrath of evil Barons of Industry.

Work together to tell a fun story, solve puzzles, improvise, joke, eat, and enjoy your time together.


What do you get?

PDF versions of three 16-page booklets: the main rule book, a bestiary, and a book of GM advice.

32 hand-drawn, black-and-white illustrations.

A high-quality PNG of an 18x24" full-color poster map of the Western States (the setting for The Knights of the Road).

A PDF of a printable ready-to-assemble booklet layout, with instructions for putting it together yourself.


For printing at home, make sure to select long side binding if you're printing double-sided,  flip the page on the long side if you're hand-feeding it. Also, make sure to scale it to fit in your printable area on your printer. Hand-feeding will be more accurate to line up the printed area on both sides of the paper.

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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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KotR- Map.png 19 MB
conductingcover.pdf 117 kB
KotRcover.pdf 112 kB
monsterscover.pdf 82 kB
KotR-printable spread.pdf 1 MB
Monsters-printable spread.pdf 1.3 MB
Conducting-printable spead.pdf 1.4 MB
assembly instruction kotr.png 834 kB

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Hey there!
Thanks for this lovely and handsome little game, It's now a treasured piece of my collection.
So much so, I made it it's own little box.

omg!!! that is so cool!!!

like I'm so blown away by this! and so happy you like it ☺️

Hello! Quick question / confirmation. For character creation, do you roll 3d6 for each stat? Or is it one d6 per stat? (We went with 3d6 per stat, but I'd love to know for sure, in case we pick this one up again.) A really fun game, my group had a blast.

It's 3d6 per stat. If you tried to roll under the result of a 1d6 with a d20, you wouldn't pass very many tests. 🙂

(1 edit) (+1)

This game is p cool! I like this sort of system to read; I’ve never much interest in playing it, but I’ve read enough to develop a taste in what I like seeing. Scar tables are fun, but I defs appreciate the water tower advancement mechanic, too, which still caps stats but doesn’t require risky combat to try to get better.

I’ve not read Mausritter or EBL yet, but I have read (and loved reading) Cairn, and that DNA really shows through without overpowering your vibe, which is a great vibe

Also the art owns


Hey thank you so much!! I really appreciate the kind words. I'd super recommend EB and Mausritter.


Everything about this game is so charming! The world is really rich but also leaves plenty to the imagination. The mechanics serve the world really well. And the illustrations are wonderful! I really like that worker solidarity is a baked-in part of the world, and I heavily relied on those themes when I ran a one-shot of the game. I really enjoyed running this game and am hoping to run it again in the future! (The one-shot I ran is included in case anyone wants to see the game in action.)


Map looks great!


A fun collection to give your tables some different flavor, and well, N. America is big, with lots of maps, travel wherever with your Knights

Thanks friend!!


I really enjoyed reading this, especially after watching Emperor of the North.

Two small typos in the monster book, though; in the Jackelope entry, "who's" should be "whose" and also the werewolf doesn't appear to list its damage.


Thanks for that!!

(1 edit) (+1)

I've got to say, I really enjoy and appreciate your work here. A perfect addition to my ever growing Into the Odd/EB based library; and one I actually plan to play! The aesthetic is pitch perfect, so much so that my nearing 3 year old son (also a Liam) praised the Choo-choo on the Conductors Zine to the point that I printed it out for him to color. A masterpiece, both your work and his. Thank you again, and I look forward to seeing what comes next. Take care.


This is such a kind thing to say. I'm really touched by this. Thank you so much for backing and these words. I'm so happy you and your little person enjoy it! Let me know how it goes when you run it!

Gladly! Take care.


This is so great! I love the flavor and use of bastionland!